Mongolian Museums Staff Development Initiative
Ariun Sanjaajamts, Founder of Mongolia Connections in New York
August 9, 2014

In 2014, Mongolian museum professionals are celebrating 90th anniversary of museum development in Mongolia. That means Mongolian first ever museum was established in 1924. Since the first museum, Mongolian museums went through several stages and developed gradually as an important part of social significance. As of today Mongolia has about 40 museums, where about 300 professionals are working (by 2000 statistics). Mongolian museums are financed 100% by the State. Museum development is slow and needed attention.

Museums are contributing to the Mongolia’s society in areas of knowledge, information, and education through permanent and temporary exhibits. Museums are significant through collection, connecting, educating, experiencing and feeling, and the economic values. In addition, museums are the integral part of the tourism industry and attracting many tourists.

Today, Mongolian museums need help and support more than ever due to its importance and significance of the cultural preservation and information institutions. “Mongolian museums need to step up to the international museum development level. In order to develop museums, it is important to have well prepared and educated museum professionals that will carry on these important institutions”.

As of my experience working many years in the Human Resources development and now based in New York city (since 2010), I have initiated to work to support museum professionals (staff) development since 2011. This initiative made possible to establish the Alliance of Mongolian Museums in Ulaanbaatar. With the cooperation of the Alliance, I organize museum staff exchange program, museum study tour program, and managing the attendance of Mongolian participation at the several museum annual conferences in the USA and hope to continue this important work and cooperate with the Mongolia parts in the future!

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